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IV Therapy Treatments

IV Therapy Treatments services offered in Watertown, CT

IV therapy treatments rapidly fulfill your body’s nutritional needs and can lead to significant benefits like more energy and stronger immunity. Pure., is a medical spa and IV vitamin therapy clinic with two offices in Watertown, Connecticut, offering an array of options under the supervision and expertise of Melissa McIntyre, APRN. Call the office or schedule online today to book an IV therapy treatment consultation.

IV Therapy Treatments Q & A

What are IV therapy treatments? 

IV therapy treatments, also called Intravenous therapy or IV therapy, are wellness treatments many people get even when healthy. That’s because it offers numerous benefits based on the type of infusion and the vitamins, nutrients, and fluids it includes.


Typical IV therapy treatments are filled with necessary vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and have a saline base to hydrate you. At Pure., your provider Melissa, offers a variety of options for IV therapy that can help you feel healthier and alleviate various symptoms, many of which result from dehydration or nutrient imbalances.


Your provider helps you explore your options after your evaluation and creates IV therapy treatments tailored to your needs and lifestyle. You can add IV therapy treatments to your routine to enjoy their continual benefits.  

What are the benefits of IV therapy treatments? 

IV therapy treatments offer many potential benefits while also alleviating specific symptoms. IV treatments can:


  • Hydrate
  • Boost your immunity
  • Boost your energy
  • Increase your athletic performance and recovery
  • Alleviate a hangover
  • Recover from jetlag
  • Slow aging
  • Reduce inflammation


Each IV therapy treatment option provided features a unique set of benefits. Your provider discusses their specific ingredients with you and their properties to restore your health and wellness.

What should I expect from my IV therapy treatments? 

When you visit Pure. for IV therapy treatments, the first step is to talk about your expectations and goals to your provider, Melissa, during a one-on-one consultation. She will help you decide which treatments will offer the best benefits.


During IV therapy treatments, hydration, vitamins, and nutrients drip gradually through a catheter into your bloodstream.


You’ll relax in a comfortable chair as your provider supervises you throughout the process. Depending on your specific needs and treatments, you might be in the chair for as little as 20 minutes or as long as an hour.


IV therapy treatments introduce vitamins, nutrients, and hydration directly into your bloodstream and not by way of your digestive system, so many of the benefits are noticeable immediately. You can expect to enjoy the benefits for at least a few days after IV therapy treatments.


If you’re interested in IV therapy treatments at Pure., call either of the two offices or book online today.

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