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Fillers services offered in Watertown, CT

Fillers are a great way to enhance natural beauty and replace volume loss. Experienced provider Melissa McIntyre, APRN, at Pure. with two locations in Watertown, Connecticut, can help achieve your goals. You can customize your aesthetic treatment with dermal fillers and Dysport®, Botox®, or other neurotoxins. Call either office to schedule your consultation or book online today.

Fillers Q & A

What are fillers?

Fillers are gel-like substances that your expert provider at Pure. injects under your skin to increase volume, add contour to the face, and soften wrinkles, lines, and creases. More than a million people have chosen this minimally invasive procedure to enhance their appearance.

Why do people get fillers?

People often get fillers due to age-related changes that appear on the face due to:


  • Stress
  • Disease
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Genetics
  • Smoking
  • Sun and other exposure


Injecting dermal fillers into the face and hands may improve the appearance of facial lines and volume loss caused by certain medical conditions or natural aging.

How can fillers improve your face?

When you get fillers at Pure. Medical Spa, there are plenty of changes you can make. Dermal fillers can:


  • Smooth wrinkles and creases
  • Reshape or plump the lips
  • Enhance facial contours
  • Decrease or remove lower lid shadow
  • Diminish recessed scars


Fillers can lend a more youthful look while enhancing your natural beauty. 

How do different types of fillers work? 

Different kinds of products are available, and each is used for a specific purpose. Your Pure. provider, Melissa, recommends fillers based on your goals and targeted areas.


Certain fillers provide longer-term results because they stimulate collagen production, which in turn helps eliminate lines on the face.


Other fillers have soft gel containing hyaluronic acid, which boosts volume without collagen reinforcement. 


During your initial visit, you can bring up your concerns and expectations. Your provider helps to identify the product that will work best to meet your unique needs and goals.

What can I expect after treatment with dermal fillers? 

Most people notice a difference right away after receiving fillers. You might experience a few days of bruising and swelling after the treatment, but it doesn’t take long for them to diminish. 


You’ll be able to resume your daily activities immediately, but your provider may encourage you to hold off on strenuous exercise for several days. 


Most fillers last between six and 18 months. Results from filler injections administered to the lips diminish faster than those given around the nose, while treatments to the cheeks may last longer.


Your Pure. provider carefully plans your treatment with fillers and any Dysport®, Botox®, or other neurotoxins if desired. Other injectables are also available.


To learn more about fillers and how they can benefit you, call either Pure. office. Or, book a consultation online today.

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